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Deep Cleaning Checklist


  • Dust and Vacuum (Hard-to-reach ledges, windows, light fixtures, and above cabinets.) 

  • De-scale faucets/showerheads 

  • Clean sinks 

  • Remove and clean vent covers

  • Mop floors 

  • Wipe down ceiling fan blades 

  • Wipe fingerprints and smudges off doors, doorframes, and baseboards 

  • Clean and disinfectant garbage cans, recycling bins, and wastebaskets 

  • Clean blind 

  • Wash floorboards, doors, and door frames

  • Wipe walls

  • Remove cobwebs

  • Dust all furniture

  • Dust all lamps & shades

  • Dust fans & light fixtures

  • Sweep and Vacuum

  • Clean windows, blinds, and sills

  • Vacuum couch and cushions underneath and around 

  • Clean cabinets/drawers (Remove debris and wipe out disinfectant) 

  • Empty Trash



  • Scrub disinfect sink

  • Wipe down exterior cabinets and drawers

  • Wipe down interior cabinets and drawer

  • Lite organizing 

  • Clean oven & wire racks (De-grease stovetop, hood fan/filter, pot grates) 

  • Clean and sanitize  interior and exterior microwave 

  • Clean and sanitize empty refrigerator/freezer (sanitize and wipe fridge shelves)

  • Clean and sanitize appliances 

  • Clean and sanitize backsplash and countertops

  • Disinfect and wipe clean dishwasher 

  • Empty Trash



  • Scrub tile and grout 

  • Launder shower curtain and rugs Scrub toilet 

  • Scrub tub/shower (Polish faucets and showerhead) 

  • Clean mirror

  • Clean toothbrush holder

  • Wipe down exterior and interior cabinets

  • Clean and disinfects sink, toilet, shower, and bath

  • Clean counters

  • Clean faucets

  • Clean under countertops and lite organize cabinest

  • Empty Trash



  • Dust Electronics

  • Wipe down remotes

  • Dust and Polish mantel/shelves/pictures frames

  • Dust Tabletops

  • Lite Organizing

  • Vacuum drapes and window coverings

  • Vacuum all rugs and carpet


  • Wipe and polish table

  • Wipe bottles, decor, and fixtures

  • Dust cabinet and buffet table



  • Dust end tables and dressers

  • Lite organizing

  • Clean mirrors, decor, and frames

  • Dust furniture

  • Vacuum under and around the bed 

  • Clean Blinds, windows  and window frames

What Our Clients Say


Cristine H, Homeowner

Golden was amazing! She arrived on time and everything was completed so perfectly. I would love for her to return each week.

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